A Celebration of the "Female Side of Divinity" at the Hindu Temple of Greater Orlando

October 9, 2005

Source: Orlando Sentinel


On October 9, 2005 the Orlando Sentinel reported, "Hundreds of local Hindus with roots from all corners of India and across the world have been coming together at the Hindu Temple of Greater Orlando to celebrate the female side of divinity in a 10-day community festival of color, folk music, song, dance and worship. The annual fall festival, which began Tuesday, honors different feminine deities representing facets of the one supreme God for their triumph of good over evil... The first nine days of the event, marked by worship, dance and devotional song, are called Navaratri, which means 'nine nights.' It commemorates the nine-day battle and ultimate victory of the goddess Durga over the demon Mahishasura. The 10th and final night, called Dassera, is devoted to worship. At the temple community hall in Casselberry, a rotating pedestal adorned in colorful flowers displays photos of the female goddesses Durga (representing strength), Lakshmi (representing prosperity and health) and Saraswati (representing knowledge)... Last year [this event] attracted 500 to 600 celebrants per weeknight and more than 1,200 on the weekend."