Celebrating the Birthday of Guru Ravidass at Pittsburgh Gurdwara

February 19, 2006

Source: The Mercury News/Contra Costa Times


On February 19, 2006 the Contra Costa Times reported, "Guru Ravidass was a saint for the ages whose message of equality, religious tolerance and family values resonates across the world today, his followers said today at the Pittsburgh temple that bears his name. About 2,000 Sikhs as well as some people of other religions came from all over Northern and Central California to Sri Guru Ravidass Temple to celebrate his birth in India more than 600 years ago... Guru Nanak, who founded the Sikh religion in the 15th century, made a pilgrimage to Benares to see Ravidass, whose extensive sayings survive in literal form today only in some 40 hymns in the Sikh Holy Book... Sunday's event began with the customary Sunday worship service that concluded a 48-hour reading of the Holy Book by a rotation of readers... Guests included California Insurance Commissioner John Garamendi; Assistant Secretary of State Brad Clark; Pittsburgh Councilwoman Nancy Parent and representatives of Congressman George Miller and Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger."