Cardinal Law Shares Prayers with boston-Area Muslims

November 27, 2002

Source: The Boston Globe

On November 27, 2002 The Boston Globe reported that "wearing a gold crucifix and a flowing black robe with red trim, Law removed his shoes. Then, as the imam chanted the sunset prayers, the bishop knelt with his forehead just inches from the carpet and offered praise to Allah. No doubt, Law looked out of place at the Islamic Center of Boston last night - but he didn't feel that way. Law, who participated in the Wayland mosque's Ramadan observance as a gesture of good will, said he felt right at home among the Muslim worshipers. After the prayers, Law shared the [iftaar], the meal breaking the daily sunrise-to-sunset Ramadan fast. Members of the congregation started with dates - as Mohammed, the prophet and founder of Islam, might have done - then moved on to a feast of salad, chicken, and rice. The families at the Islamic Center hail from about 20 countries, mostly in South Asia and the Middle East, and the food reflected diversity."