Cape Town Mosques Lure Muslim Tourists

July 9, 2009

Author: Hassan Isilow

Source: Islam Online

Cape Town is steadily becoming a center of Islamic tourism with thousands of Muslims reportedly flocking to South Africa’s coastal city which has a rich Islamic heritage, including the 10 oldest mosques in all Southern Africa.

"Whenever I and my family think of a holiday trip in the world, we have only one location in mind and that is Cape Town," Edris Muktar, a Malaysian tourist, told

"It’s primarily because of its Islamic culture, rich history and friendliness of its inhabitants."

Sumaya Abdul, a tourist from Indonesia, says she always prefers Cape Town for vacations because of the historical attachment the city has with her Muslim home country.

"Some of my great grandfathers were brought to Cape Town as slaves by colonialists and they brought Islam to South Africa," she told IOL.

"When I’m here, I see the people as my blood connection. So visiting Cape Town is a priority for me."

Cape Town is a home to nearly half a million Muslims of diverse Asian origins.