Canadian Muslim Organizations Call for Summit on Extremism

June 8, 2006

Source: CAIR-CAN Press Release

On June 8, 2006 a CAIR-CAN Press Release reported, "For all of us, Canada is more than our home; it is our family and our 'vivre ensemble'; a common commitment to build a better world based on shared values. Canadian Muslims care deeply about the safety of our country and stand behind our security forces, the Canadian government and all Canadians in their desire to protect Canada.

Terrorism is antithetical to Muslim belief and is a perversion of its teachings. Terrorism is a global issue, not a Muslim problem. And we, as Canadian Muslims, stand firm in our denunciation of this gross ideology. The victims of terror around the world have been equally Muslim and non-Muslim.

The Canadian Council on American Islamic Relations, the Muslim Association of Canada, the Islamic Society of North America-Canada, the Islamic Circle of North America, the Muslim Student Association-National, the Islamic Social Services Association, and the Canadian Muslim Civil Liberties Association believe that it is important for us, if we want to move forward to protect and safeguard Canada, to take a leadership role in challenging extremism."