Cambridge Buddhist to Donate Winnings to Charity

March 21, 2004

Source: The Boston Globe

On March 21, 2004 The Boston Globe reported, "Minutes after leaving his home Thursday morning to buy juice, 52-year-old laborer and lifelong Cambridge resident Clifford Turner learned from a convenience store clerk that he had won the biggest Mass Millions jackpot in state history, a windfall worth a staggering $50,343,315. After years of missing by one or two digits, the inscrutable workings of lottery karma had conspired to change Turner's life in ways he never expected, but had always hoped for. Deep inside, Turner said, he always knew he wanted to do good with a fortune if one ever came his way -- not to splurge on boats, mansions, cars. In an interview with the Globe yesterday, Turner said his good fortune will enable him to finally donate millions to the types of charities he had only dreamed of starting... Turner also credited his faith, Buddhism, for helping him make the decision to donate much of his windfall and for helping him adjust to life as a sudden multimillionaire. 'In Buddhism nothing is strange,' he said. 'It's meant to be.'"