Call for Declaring Nepal the Hindu Nation

June 13, 2007

Author: Staff Writer



Some Hindu activists from Nepal, America, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Trinidad and Guyana who gathered in New York city on June 10 have demanded revision over the decision of the eight parties to declare Nepal secular instead of the Hindu nation.

Bharat Keshar Simha, the former army general and supporter of the former direct rule of King Gyanendra, was the chief invitee of the programme.

Vijay K. Sigdel, Chairman of Coalition for National Unity and Reconciliation in Nepal called for 'all Nepali Hindus to rise and fight back against the forces of evil, who have usurped power in Nepal in the name of democracy', a statement by the organisers say.

Simha stressed the need to strengthen the role of Hindus, monarchy and Nepali army in Nepal at the present situation and warned of starting 'dharma yuddha' (religious war).

Other speakers, claiming that no Nepalis favoured Nepal as a secular state, termed the ruling political coalition as 'autocratic' for suppressing the right of the people to decide through vote whether Nepal should be declared a secular state.