California Kirpan Education Bill Passes Senate Public Safety Committee

July 17, 2009

Author: Staff Writer

Source: SikhNet

California's proposed law to train law enforcement about Sikh kirpans this week passed the Senate Public Safety Committee with a unanimous vote. The bill will now make its way to the Appropriations Committee before a final vote by the entire CA State Senate in the Fall.

California's Sikhs Make their Voices Heard

The unanimous vote (7-0) of the Senate Public Safety Committee was not an easy accomplishment. It took weeks of work and ultimately involved nearly 500 Sikhs across the State:

1. Over 750 emails from Sikh community members, urging elected officials to pass the bill 2. 30 In-Person Testimonies by California's Sikhs at legislative committee hearings 3. Six full days of meetings with legislative staff members, elected officials and consultants in Sacramento