California Group Honors Multicultural Goddesses

March 4, 2004

Source: The Alameda Times-Star,1413,125%257E1549%257E1996119,00.html?search=filter

On March 4, 2004 The Alameda Times-Star reported, "The divine inspiration in Leilani Birely's life is definitely present, but she's pretty sure of one thing - it isn't an old man with a long white beard. In fact, the spiritual presence in her life isn't a man at all. Birely is the priestess of the Daughters of the Goddess Temple, a group of women who meet regularly to honor 'She of Infinite Names' - or simply the Goddess. The 40 to 50 women who regularly attend the temple's gatherings acknowledge goddesses such as Pele, the Hawaiian goddess of fire and creation; Isis, the powerful Egyptian goddess of magic and motherhood; Diana, or Artemis, the Roman and Greek protector of women; the Buddhist mother figure Kuan Yin; and Kali, the Hindu goddess of destruction and rebirth. "Daughters of the Goddess is unique in that it invokes multicultural goddesses," says Birely."