Calgary Muslim Leaders Speak Out Against Bounty on Cartoonists

February 19, 2006

Source: The Calgary Herald

On February 19, 2006 The Calgary Herald reported, "Calgary Islamic leaders at an open house Saturday spoke out against a Pakistani cleric who offered a $1-million US bounty last week for killing a cartoonist who drew the Prophet Muhammad. Around 70 people attended a meeting at Calgary's largest mosque to learn more about the ever-growing maelstrom over the controversial cartoons, one of which depicts the Prophet in a bomb-shaped turban. A panel of Calgary Muslims denounced the Pakistani cleric, who said Friday in the northwestern city of Peshawar that the religious school he leads, as well as a local jewellers' association, would give up to $1 million for the death of a cartoonist. 'The Muslim Council of Calgary... considers (the bounty) a blatant insult to Islam, to Muslims and against teaching of the Qur'an which condemns the taking of human lives,' said council spokesman Abdu Souraya."