Bush's Visit to India Includes Interfaith Meeting

March 3, 2006

Source: The Times of India


On March 3, 2006 The Times of India reported, "US President George W. Bush will carry home memories of an inter-faith meeting with nine spiritual leaders that revealed to him the religious diversity of this 'amazing' country. 'The world can have peace only if people of different religions live together in peace, and India is a good example of that,' Bush told religious leaders at a closed-door meeting at the Maurya Sheraton's Sky Lounge on Thursday afternoon. US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and US Ambassador David C. Mulford looked on as Bush charmed his audience by declaring that that he is a firm believer and a Methodist and 'I believe in the Almighty God'. 'One of the things that struck me during the conversation is, India is a country that recognises the importance of religion and welcomes interfaith dialogue,' Bush was quoted as saying in a White House press release. '(India) understands the importance of faith, and understands the importance of people of faith, discussing thoughts and views that are deep in their hearts,' Bush added."