Buddhists Kindle Good Luck, Happiness At New Year Service

January 26, 2009

Author: Lindsay Melvin

Source: The Buddhist Channel/Memphis Commercial Appeal


Led by the hollow beat of a drum, people knelt on cushions the size of throw pillows Sunday morning, chanting a rhythmic prayer in Vietnamese to welcome the spirits of the dead.

At Pho Da Temple, a tiny, red-roofed Buddhist prayer hall in Raleigh, nearly 50 people came to make offerings to their ancestors and to kindle a year of good luck.

Nha Huynh takes a moment to pray after a formal service celebrating the Vietnamese New Year at Pho Da Temple, a Buddhist temple in Raleigh, Sunday morning.

The Vietnamese New Year, Tet Nguyen Dan, marks the beginning of the lunar calendar and was celebrated this weekend by Memphis' estimated 6,000 Vietnamese.