Buddhist Temple Closes After Protests Against Its Stance in Elections

March 16, 2004

Source: The Washington Times


On March 16, 2004 The Washington Times ran an United Press International article that reported, "The Chungtai Temple in Puli has been the center of protests by supporters of President Chen Shui-bian, since Buddhist Master Wei Chueh last week urged his followers to vote for opposition candidate Lian Chan, the Taipei Times reported Tuesday. Wei also called Taiwan's referendum illegal and urged Buddhists to boycott it. The president's Democratic Progressive Party said it would send volunteers to guard the temple after 100 of its supporters protested there on Sunday. The temple has received angry letters, and Buddhist followers have been harassed or prevented from entering. On Monday Wei announced he would close the temple for a month. Other Buddhist leaders have criticized Wei, saying his stance is undemocratic and his behavior humiliating to Buddhists."