Buddhist Center Takes Shape

March 10, 2010

Author: John Darling

Source: Ashland Daily Tidings


With about $200,000 in donated labor from volunteers, many of them "just walking in the door, wanting to help," a three-story, $1.6 million Buddhist meditation center is nearing completion and will open for classes the first week of June.

The graceful, 5,800-square-foot home of Kagya Sukha Chöling is a blend of traditional Tibetan and contemporary "green-sustainable" architecture — and is being lauded as an "eternal" structure that will offer spiritual and economic benefits.

"It's a beautiful thing, long-lasting, environmentally friendly and embodying ethics and values we so much need today," said Kagya Sukha Chöling board member Anne Stine. "It's a gift to the Rogue Valley community, a beacon for Ashland in terms of resources, classes and visitors — and good for the economy and other businesses."