Buddhist Celebration to Occur in Central Park

June 7, 2003

Source: New York Daily News


On June 7, 2003 the New York Daily News reported that "the biggest Buddhist bash of the year begins at 12:25 p.m. today with a blissed-out gong bang on the Great Hill of Central Park - a devotee wielding a wooden mallet will strike a bronze gong 108 times, once every three seconds, to clear the air of bad vibes. 'Traditionally, there are 108 forms of ignorance, or evil thoughts,' said Rande Brown, who expects at least 3,000 people to attend the 10th annual Change Your Mind Day festival. 'Jealousy, greed, lust, all the negatives. Ringing the gong dispels them.' It also will help people settle down for what follows - more than five hours of talks, meditations, music, chants and exercises, plus a special peace message from the Dalai Lama and an exhibition of Zen archery."