Buddhist and Christian Centers Offer Peaceful Retreats

June 5, 2005

Source: The Associated Press


On June 5, 2005 The Associated Press reported, "more people are taking advantage of a growing number of retreat centers in the area to take time out, to take stock of their lives, to find spiritual perspective and renewal... It's a national phenomenon, according to the Christian Camp and Conference Association, a nonprofit organization of Christian retreat centers and camps. Facilities in its association served 7.5 million people in 2004, compared with 5 million in 1989 - a 50 percent increase in 15 years. Revenues for those centers totaled $885 million in 2004 - up 20 percent in four years. Most retreat centers in this area are Christian-based, but possibilities range from those that offer a quiet place but no formal spiritual programs, to those with guided retreats, to solitary retreats, to those with non-Christian orientation."