British Sikh Teenagers Becoming Disaffected With Their Culture

January 2, 2004

Source: ic Berkshire

On January 2, 2004 ic Berkshire reported, "Sikh teenagers and youngsters are becoming 'alarmingly' disaffected with their own culture, a forum of the Sikh community heard at the end of last month. A presentation made during the British Sikh consultative forum on December 20 at the Singh Sabha Gurdwara, Slough, noted the 'inadequate support' from Gurdwara bodies for Sikh youths. Retired teacher Hari Singh Sewak told community members temples around the country had 'no vision' to hand over the leadership of communities to the younger generation...Mr. Singh said the way he and other older members of the community dressed immediately identified them to the world as Sikhs, but youths were turning away from these cultural traditions."