British Muslim Leaders Issue Joint Statement Against Terrorism

June 23, 2006

Source: BBC News

On June 23, 2006 BBC News reported, "Islamic leaders across Birmingham have issued a joint message against terrorism in a bid to tackle mistrust of Muslims in the UK. Leaders of the 150 mosques in the city have backed the statement, which comes in response to the police raid in London's Forest Gate this month. The religious edict makes clear the killing of innocent victims is against the principles of Islam. It has been welcomed by the chief constable of the West Midlands. The message is thought to be the first joint statement made by Muslim scholars in the UK against terrorism. It states: 'That killing of innocent civilians is absolutely forbidden in Islam and anyone who contemplates or commits any such act, does so against the teachings of Islam.' The statement adds action has been taken to regulate the activities of every mosque to ensure worshippers are given a message of 'calmness and civic responsibility.'"