British Muslim Community "Experiences Shortcomings Peculiar to Our Condition"

August 2, 2005

Source: OpenDemocracy

On August 2, 2005 OpenDemocracy reported, "The image of British Muslims in the media and among the public is often coloured by prejudice, exaggeration or stereotype. The truth is that this group of around 1.6 million people is composed overwhelmingly of pretty ordinary people with the same sort of desires, ambitions, frustrations, failures and successes as members of any other community. There are, as with other communities, a mixture of types: religious extremists, moderates, those who identify closely (perhaps too closely) with 'Muslim brothers' in other countries, and those who want to get away from the brotherhood as far and as fast as they can; as well as a variety of racial and ethnic strands, speaking diverse languages and dialects. A very British combination, then, of commonality and distinctiveness; but British Muslims also experience handicaps and shortcomings peculiar to our condition. This article outlines a few of these in the interests of mutual understanding."