Boston University Dining Services Serves Halal Foods During Ramadan

October 28, 2005

Source: BU Today

On October 28, 2005 BU Today reported, "Sunday through Thursday nights in October, the differences between the main dining hall in West Campus and the private dining area in the corner weren’t obvious. But they were important all the same.

The food was similar to what was being served at dining halls across campus, but the meat entr�e was halal, prepared in accordance with Islamic law. The students weren’t from just Boston University � they came from schools and colleges all over the city. And although many of them had broken the Ramadan fast together before, this was the first time they were able to sit back and let University Dining Services take charge... This is the first year that Dining Services has been able to provide a full-service halal meal for students breaking the Ramadan fast each evening, and Dining Services director Josh Hubbard says that the option has been a great success. The meal takes place between two evening prayer services and is open to any student participating in a meal plan or purchasing a meal ticket subsidized by the Islamic Society. The food is standard fare prepared to halal dietary laws. It has worked so well, Hubbard says, that Dining Services is discussing ways to offer more halal dining year-round."