Boston Takes on New Religious Profile

August 11, 2007

Author: Rich Barlow

Source: The Boston Globe

Boston's religious profile is no longer reflected solely in the words of the Bible, beloved by the city's Puritan founders, or "The Last Hurrah," the novel inspired by its Catholic-tinted politics. The local lexicon of faith has been augmented by the Koran, the scriptures of Hinduism, and by the texts of other traditions imported since the loosening of American immigration law in the 1960s.

Harvard's Pluralism Project, which researches religious diversity, has compiled an online "World Religions in Boston: A Guide to Communities and Resources," sketching almost two-dozen traditions with congregations or centers in the metropolitan area. First published in 1994 and updated this summer by student interns, the list is by no means an encyclopedia. But it is a revealing Rolodex for the area's array of religious groups.