Boston Mosque Tied to Extremist Muslim Cleric

March 7, 2004

Source: Boston Herald

On March 7, 2004 Boston Herald reported in the first of a two part series that "a towering new mosque soon to join the Boston skyline has the secret endorsement of a radical, anti-Western cleric who preaches Muslims will one day 'conquer' the United States. The endorsement of the $22 million mosque and cultural center project in Roxbury by the cleric, Dr. Yusuf Abdullah al-Qaradawi, appears prominently in an Arabic-language brochure published last year by the Islamic Society of Boston, which is the group Mayor Thomas M. Menino has approved to construct the mosque. Al-Qaradawi's enthusiastic backing of the project is nowhere to be found in the group's English-language brochure...       The influential Qatar-based cleric is best known for his public support of the terrorist group Hamas and his religious rulings applauding suicide bombings, positions which caused the U.S. State Department in 1999 to bar him from entering the United States. Beyond that, however, al-Qaradawi also promises that eventually Islam will prevail over all other religions and a single Islamic state will rule the world."