Boston Jews Support Israel, Have Questions

August 2, 2006

Source: The Boston Globe

On August 2, 2006 The Boston Globe reported, "In the warehouse of the Greater Boston Food Bank, Joshua Rosmarin, recently back from Israel, sorts cereal alongside 30 other American and Israeli teenagers. He'd anticipated a trip to the Jewish homeland since his family started saving in his Milton synagogue's 'Passport to Israel' program eight years ago, but he didn't expect to become a witness to history. When Rosmarin left Logan Airport July 5 for a Haifa-Boston exchange, he embarked on a rite of passage meant to enhance a new generation's connection to both Judaism and Israel. The group was just outside Haifa when Hezbollah rockets first hit the Israeli teens' hometown. The Americans cut short their trip; the Israelis spent much of the next week in bomb shelters before arriving here last Thursday for the US leg of the program. Now Rosmarin, like many other American Jews, anxiously follows news from the Middle East. 'I am more committed,' he says. 'You want a more peaceful solution, because the next missile might kill a friend or their brother or sister in the army.' American Jewish opinion tends to mirror Israeli public opinion, and the widespread support in Israel for strong action against Hezbollah is reflected here -- as is anguish about the reach of Hezbollah's missiles and destruction in Lebanon. Commitment to Israel's right to exist is one prong of mainstream American Jewish opinion; an other is support of a Palestinian state created in a way that protects Israel's security. Yet amid the support for the government's handling of the Lebanon crisis are voices questioning Israel's tactics."