Book Explores Ohio's Religious Diversity

May 29, 2004

Source: Religion News Service

On May 29, 2004 Religion News Service reported, "'Religion in Ohio: Profiles of Faith Communities' edited by Tarunjit S. Butalia and Dianne Small, and published by Ohio University Press, tells the story of Ohio's religious and spiritual heritage going back to the state's ancient and historic native populations and including the westward migration of settlers to this region, the development of a wide variety of faith traditions in the years preceding the mid-twentieth century, and the arrival of newer immigrants in the last fifty years, each group bringing with it their own time-honored and cherished traditions...It documents the religious pluralism in Ohio and includes chapters on the historical experiences and beliefs of over forty Christian groups, as well as Native American, Jewish, Islamic, Hindu, Buddhist, Sikh, Baha'i, Jain, and Zoroastrian faiths. Each chapter was written by a member of their own faith or denomination."