Book Explores the Experiences of 'Four Women, Three Faiths'

May 6, 2006

Source: The Wichita Eagle

On May 6, 2006 The Wichita Eagle reported, "Cecile Holmes calls her new book, 'Four Women, Three Faiths: Inspiring Spiritual Journeys,' 'a hymn to diversity and interfaith acceptance.' 'I worry about the increasing polarization in the world, ever since Sept. 11, 2001,' says Holmes, 51, longtime religion editor for the Houston Chronicle, now teaching journalism at the University of South Carolina. 'I don't want to come off as naive,' she says, 'but I really believe that people with different viewpoints and experiences, with different religious viewpoints, can live with one another.' So Holmes chose four representative women from three faith traditions -- Christian, Muslim and Hindu -- and interviewed them about their lives. The subjects are white, black and Asian; married and single; affluent and of modest means. They are P.K. McCary, of Houston, author of a Bible translation in the language of the American streets; Phoebe Griswold, wife of the presiding bishop of the Episcopal Church USA, who was involved in relief efforts at ground zero in New York; Riffat Hassan, a Muslim feminist and religious-studies professor who supports women's rights in the Islamic world; and Arunima Sinha, who founded a Hindu temple in Columbia, S.C., and is active in interfaith activities in that city."