Bloomberg Apologizes for Sikh Victims of Bus Incident

July 26, 2005

Source: Monterey Herald / New York Daily News

On July 26, 2005 the New York Daily News reported, "Mayor Michael Bloomberg apologized Monday to a group of British tourists who were handcuffed and forced to kneel on a Broadway sidewalk after cops swarmed a sightseeing bus - even as another bomb scare rattled downtown Brooklyn.

The mayor urged New Yorkers to call authorities if they see something suspicious, but added they should use 'common sense' and avoid profiling people like the group of South Asian-looking visitors, who were Sikhs from Britain.

'It turned out that these ... people did not present any threat whatsoever,' Bloomberg said. 'And it's a shame, and I certainly apologize on behalf of the City of New York. We love tourists and we want them to keep coming here and feel that they ... can go around and enjoy the city.'

The five British tourists left town Monday to continue their U.S. trip, and one said the Sunday incident didn't spoil their time in the city.

'These things happen, don't they?' said the man, who gave his name as Jas, 39. 'We have no hard feelings. It certainly made our trip different, but didn't ruin it at all.'"