Blaze, Traditions Color Festival

March 10, 2007


Source: The Leaf Chronicle

As Hiral Patel walked around a giant bonfire, her face was illuminated by the glowing blaze despite the frigid temperatures and inky dark sky.

The 11-year-old Indian Hindu had the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of her culture when she participated in the "Holi" festival at Kenwood High School last week. Commonly called the festival of colors, the "Holi" celebration is a two-day event that celebrates the arrival of spring, a season of hope and new beginnings. It is one of the most popular and fun-filled occasions in India.

About 150 people gathered at the school to participate in the holika dahan, the first day of the celebration. There they lit a bonfire to ward off evil spirits and symbolically burn their evilness away.