Between Buddhism And Hard Yards Of Police Work

March 12, 2009

Author: Paul Bibby

Source: Western Advocate

Buddhism and law enforcement are unusual bedfellows.

Adhering to the principles of non-violence, calmness and love for all human beings is not easy when your day job involves investigating and locking up potentially violent criminals.

But a handful of NSW Police have committed themselves to the ancient philosophy and are applying it in their daily work.

"It's easy to be appalled and disgusted with the things I have seen, and to view the people that I have to deal with as inherently bad," one officer, Jason Puxty, said.

"Buddhism has taught me to understand them as people who have done very bad things.

"I will pursue them, process them and deal with them appropriately, but at the same time treat them with dignity and compassion."

Mr Puxty and another officer, who wished to be known only as Sean, turned to Buddhism after witnessing a series of tragedies on the job. "Jason and I have seen some pretty terrible stuff and we can now better rationalise what we're seeing and understand how we react to it emotionally," Sean said.