Being Indian Becomes "Being Hip"

February 28, 2004

Source: Delaware News Journal

On February 28, 2004 Delaware News Journal reported on "thousands of young Indian-Americans in Delaware trying to balance the customs of their South Asian homeland with the vastly different modern culture of America. While many young Indian-Americans were once quick to shed time-honored traditions of India for American ways, more are now increasingly achieving a balance between their two worlds, in large part because of the recent explosion of Indian pop culture in America... Artists such as Jay-Z, Missy Elliott and Timbaland have combined their hip-hop styles with Indian beats to make Top 40 music that is striking a chord. Suddenly, being Indian is 'hip,' teens and experts said... The Hindu Temple in Hockessin opened in 2001, becoming a social and cultural gathering place for many Indian-Americans. Indians also are among the most affluent of any ethnic group, with a median income of about $62,000 a year, compared with the U.S. average of $38,000, according to the census. That affluence means many young Indian-Americans have the opportunity to travel to India and learn about their heritage firsthand."