B.C. Sikh First Member of Canadian Air Force to Wear Turban

September 6, 2008

Author: Stuart Hunter

Source: Canwest News Service


As the first member of the Canadian Air Force to wear a turban, 2nd Lieut. Jasbir Singh Tatla figures he's a good role model to issue a call to arms to his fellow Sikhs.

And if you want to honour the Sikh tradition of being warriors, Tatla says, don't get involved in gangs and criminal activity.

Instead, he says, sign up with the Canadian Forces, where you can make a real difference and fight - for your country.

"It's a great honour to be the first member of the Air Force to wear a turban," said Tatla, 35, of Surrey, B.C.

"It is something that is hard to express in words, but it gives me a chance to set an example for my community.