'Bangle' Pupil is Excluded Again

November 13, 2007

Author: Staff Writer

Source: BBC News


A Sikh pupil who has refused to stop wearing a religious bangle or Kara to her south Wales school has been excluded for a third time.

Sarika Singh, 14, had returned to Aberdare Girls' School in the Cynon Valley, after a temporary exclusion, for a meeting to discuss the issue.

The school has said that by wearing the Kara, Sarika was breaking its code of conduct.

Her family have said they will now seek a judicial review.

On Tuesday morning, Sarika and her mother Sinita Singh and two officials from the Valleys Race Equality Council (VREC) held a 20-minute meeting about the school's refusal to allow the pupil to wear the Kara.

After the meeting, Wayne Lee, of the VREC said: "Sarika is very upset and wants to go back into school. She's a good student and she wants to see her friends, like any other 14-year-old.

"I can't discuss what was said in too much detail, but Sarika has been excluded from school again. I don't know yet for how long, we will find out in due course."