AZ Law Enforcement Educated About Islam

September 24, 2003

Source: The Arizona Republic

On September 24, 2003 The Arizona Republic reported "With a mosque soon to be built in his city, Scottsdale Police Chief Alan Rodbell joined other police officials, representatives from social service agencies and citizens this week to learn about an opportunity to educate his officers about the Muslim community and Islam. Police officials from Mesa and Tempe also attended the Arizona State University, where Aneesah Nadir told of plans to educate 200 groups in the next year through the Islamic Social Services Association's Anti-Bias Project. The effort is aimed at law enforcement, media, social service agencies, health organizations and other interested groups... Nadir's organization is among 19 groups nationwide sharing a $1.5 million Sept. 11 Anti-Bias Project grant. More than 300 groups aimed at educating and fighting discrimination against Arabs, Muslims and South Asians applied for the grants."