Australian College Apologizes to Expelled Sikh

September 12, 2008

Author: Staff Writer

Source: Panthic Weekly News Bureau

Following an ongoing court case, a Sikh family based in Brisbane, that had moved the court after its ward was expelled from school, has finally found justice nearly three years later. The court case was registered when the Ormiston College refused to enroll a Sikh student adorning a turban and unshorn long hair, which are the basic religious fundamental requirments of the Sikh religion.

Brisbane’s Ormiston College had refused to enroll the Sikh student at the college unless the student abided by the school uniform which did not accommodate the keeping of unshorn hair or the turban. Keeping uncut hair in a turban is a basic requirement imposed by the Sikh religion for every practicing Sikh; however, as per the school dress policy, untrimmed hair was not allowed.

The lawsuit was registered following Queensland’s Anti-Discrimination Tribunal earlier this year to affix this basic religious right for practicing Sikhs. As well opiniated, this case won support of the entire Australian Sikh population, numbering 50,000, and also brought outrage from Sikh bodies worldwide.