Attacks on Religious Minorities Up After Bombings

July 28, 2005

Source: Al-Jazeera

On July 28, 2005 Al-Jazeera reported, "Attacks on Asians and religious minorities in London have leapt more than 500% since the bomb attacks on the capital three weeks ago, according to Muslim groups.

Across Britain one man has been murdered, one mosque firebombed, a Sikh temple attacked and other buildings and individuals targeted, the Muslim Safety Forum (MSF), an umbrella group of Muslim organisations which advises the police, said on Thursday.

There have been more than 230 'faith-related' crimes recorded by London police since the 7 July bomb attacks on the city's transport system that killed 52 people and which police say were carried out by four British Muslims.

That compares to just 36 during the same period last year...

'Historically there's always been an under-reporting of incidents,' [an MSF spokesman said.] 'The estimate could be five to 10 times higher.'"