Atlanta Area's Growing Immigrant Communities Diversify Area's Churches

June 19, 2002

Source: The Atlanta Journal and Constitution

On June 19, 2002 The Atlanta Journal and Constitution reported Calvary Christian Fellowship Church in Duluth, Georgia "is holding a 'Kenyan outreach service' to attract more Africans into its fold... 100 or so Kenyans worship regularly at Calvary, where nearly 30 nationalities comprise the 700-plus congregation... Many Atlanta-area churches are opening their pulpits so fledging immigrant congregations can worship in a familiar culture and language. Like Calvary... many assume the role of 'mother churches,' providing assistance until the money and membership of ethnic ministries can sustain a building... Meanwhile, established immigrant churches are building larger, grander sanctuaries, a response to booms in attendance and membership and a desire to touch communities... Immigrants as a whole are settling in the region in large numbers. The 2000 census showed that one in 10 metro Atlanta residents was born overseas, up from one in 25 a decade earlier...    In that growing group are large numbers of Christians who are helping established and start-up churches to grow"