'Arthur,' the iconic kids' show, is getting a Sikh character

August 24, 2021

Arthur, the bespectacled aardvark beloved by generations of viewers, is finally about to start the fourth grade. And in the new school year, he and his pals will befriend some new classmates -- including a Sikh boy named Samir.

The character of Samir will make his debut in "Arthur's First Day," an upcoming special scheduled to premiere on PBS on September 6. The hour-long episode was created as part of season 25 before it was announced that the series would be ending, according to executive producer Carol Greenwald.

In "Arthur's First Day," BFFs Arthur and Buster get assigned to different classes on their first day of fourth grade and find themselves having to make new friends. Arthur gets to know Alex, a boy he went to third grade with, better. Buster, meanwhile, becomes buds with Samir as the two work together to solve a mystery.

Source: 'Arthur,' the iconic kids' show, is getting a Sikh character