Arson at New York Sikh Center, Gobind Sadan USA

December 15, 2001

Source: The Post-Standard

On December 15, 2001, The Post-Standard reported "3 Arrested in Temple Fire." The article noted, "Three teen-agers told police they plotted to burn down a Sikh temple in Palermo last month because they thought the people who worshipped there supported the recent terrorist attacks. ... In their statements to police, the teens said they thought the center was called Go bin Laden, not Gobind Sadan." The article continued, "Their statements are filled with accounts of how their companions spoke racial and religious slurs about the people who worship at the temple. ... During a press conference following the arrests Friday, Oswego County Sheriff Reuel Todd said investigators expect to arrest at least one more person in the case. District Attorney Dennis Hawthorne Sr. said he is considering charging Centrone, Reeves and Hudson with a hate crime." The article concluded, "Ralph Singh, co-founder of Gobind Sadan, said the religious group has forgiven the teens for what they did to the temple. 'There is no doubt that the act was terribly wrong, no matter what the motivation,' Singh said. 'By forgiving our enemies, we have the opportunity to create peace.'"