Arson Investigated at Future Site of Area’s First Islamic Cemetery

July 7, 2005

Source: Orlando Sentinel,0,298891.story

On July 7, 2005 the Orlando Sentinel reported, "These eight acres of oak hammocks and horse pasture in east Orange County are a landmark for area Muslims. The land is the planned site of the area's first Islamic cemetery. For the first time, Muslims will be able to bury their own. Then early Wednesday morning, someone forced open a door of a house on the property. They lit a broom in the kitchen and set the empty house aflame. Investigators concluded that the fire was arson. Now they and leaders of the Islamic Society of Central Florida wonder whether the motive is anti-Islamic hate... It was no secret the site was the planned home of the Society's first Islamic cemetery... Nearly 3,000 addresses in a 3-mile radius received notice of the plans in November as part of a county process to allow a cemetery on the land."