Arrests of Prominent Muslim-Americans Creates Unease in Communities

October 12, 2003

Source: Muslim Public Affairs Coucil

On October 12, 2003 The Muslim Public Affairs Council released a statement regarding the charges against Abd al-Rahman Al-Amoudi, the founder of the American Muslim Council who was recently arrested and charged with accepting illegal funds from the Libyan government. The statement emphasized that Al-Amoudi was "taken into custody for violations of the law that were unrelated to the War on Terror or to any alleged involvement with terrorism. " It added that "the targeting of individuals or organizations by law enforcement should not be  politicized, and the alleged crimes of one individual should not be allowed to taint an entire community." The statement charged investigators with exploiting the tragedy of September 11 in order to "marginalize the voices of American Muslims, and to prevent the emergence of an effective and independent American Muslim leadership."