Arranged Marriages in Sikh Culture

November 17, 2002

Source: Newsday,0,5894017.story

On November 17, 2002 Newsday reported that "for Inesha Singh, marrying Jaspreet Joneja is a way to preserve her [Sikh] culture. Finding her husband, she believes, was fate -- a fate that happened to be arranged by her parents. Her parents had introduced her to Sikh men in the United States before, all of whom she was disappointed with. But with Jaspreet, it was different. He was someone she was instantly attracted to, someone she fell in love with in the three weeks they spent together in Bombay after their pre-engagement ceremony. Her father says he instilled in his children the philosophy that love comes after marriage, that you grow to love the other person. But to hear Inesha talk is to hear someone talking with the giddiness of love in her voice."