In Arizona, a Historic Muslim-Jewish Peacewalk

March 11, 2004

Source: The Tucson Citizen

On March 11, 2004 The Tucson Citizen reported, "The Tucson interfaith Muslim-Jewish Peacewalk comes on heels of past successes between Muslim and Jewish groups, such as in Albuquerque, N.M. The Islamic Center of Tucson has joined with two Jewish congregations - Congregation Or Chadash (Rabbi Tom Louchheim) and Congregation Chaverim (Rabbi Stephanie Aarons) - in organizing this walk for peace in the Middle East. They have been joined in this activity by the Women in Black, an Israeli peace movement begun in Jerusalem and active locally in weekly vigils Fridays under the leadership of Racheli Gai. Other unaffiliated Jews, Christians, Buddhists, and those of other faith traditions are all active participants in this organization. The mission statement of the Peacewalk says: 'We invite all concerned communities and individuals to participate on March 21st in an historic Muslim Jewish Peacewalk Pilgrimage to give witness to our belief that peace between people of all faiths is possible. We affirm a process of reconciliation to achieve that goal. 'Those who gather to walk in peace between the Islamic Center and the Synagogue lament the loss of innocent life, especially the children who are victim to political and religious violence. We pray for the safety and freedom of all people who suffer the horrors of war.'"