Area Buddhists See Tiger's Return to Faith As Positive Move

February 22, 2010

Author: Francine Knowles

Source: Chicago Sun-Times,CST-NWS-Woods22.article

Revelations by Tiger Woods last Friday that he will turn to his Buddhist faith as he seeks to atone for his infidelity and the damage it wrought is a wise decision, according to Chicago area Buddhists.

But his path will be a challenging one, they said.

"With Buddhism, there's no easy way out," said Rachael Conniff, just before morning service Sunday at the Buddhist Temple of Chicago. "There's no magic way for forgiveness. You can't pray it off. You can't pay it off. You have to work. It's what you make of it. Buddhism is a lot about self-reliance and self-responsibility, so if he's serious about that, then he will get back on track."

In his first public apology last week, Woods said he's dedicated to becoming a better person and will return to his Buddhist roots. His mother is a Buddhist and native of Thailand.