Ardh Kumbh Festival Brings People from Different Faiths Together in Allahabad

January 22, 2007

Author: Virendra Pathak

Source: Daily India

Allahabad, Jan.22 (ANI): The presence of million of saints, seers and people from across the country and abroad at the Ardh Kumbh festival here has turned the mega religious occasion into a special event for communal harmony.

Be it Muslim, Christian, Hindu or Sikh, one can find people of all faiths arriving here from far off places from within the country and abroad to participate in the 42-day festival which is held after six years by Hindus. They term it a spiritual experience beyond the boundaries of one's religious faith.

'Akhadas', or organisations of various sects of Hindu priests, that play a major role in organising the event, are encouraging many people from different religious backgrounds to come and participate in the auspicious event.

David Koppo, a Catholic pastor from Adelaide, Australia, was recently invited to Allahabad by his long-time friend and Guru Mahamadaleshwar, a Hindu Guru.