Archeology Dept to Restore Hindu Pilgrimmage Site in Punjab Province

January 28, 2004

Source: Hindustan Times,001300270001.htm

On January 28, 2004 the Hindustan Times ran an Asian News International article that reported, "The Archaeology Department in Pakistan's Punjab province has begun supervision of restoration work of the famous Hindu shrine of Ketas, which is located between Kallar Kahar and Choa Saidan Shah. The first phase of the restoration work is likely to cost Rs 8 million and will be completed in the next few months, Faisal Ali, an official of department, was quoted by The News, as saying. The nearly 250-year-old shrine is an important centre of pilgrimage for Hindus, who come here to bathe and pray for the well being of the community. Ketas means 'weeping eye' and it is a bunch of deserted temples, shrines, bath houses and ruined fort surrounding a pool, sacred to the Hindu God Shiva. According to legend, when Lord Shiva wept over his wife's death, the tears formed the pool."