Arab Americans Rally Against Anti-Islamism

July 21, 2004

Source: SNITCH Louisville

On July 21, 2004 the SNITCH Louisville reported that throughout the country Arab-Americans are mobilizing with local civil authorities in order to counter the Anti-Islam stigmatism that has continued to attack their community. "During 2003-04, Boston’s Northeastern University studied police relationships with Muslim, Sikh and Arab-American communities in Michigan, Southern California and Boston. From that project, called Partnership for Prevention, the university developed a “promising practices guide” of elements that help promote civil liberties while helping both sides work together to help in counter-terrorism work. The university will also establish a clearinghouse of information for Middle Eastern communities and law enforcement agencies. Several of the study’s participants noted that there are two elements that make good relationships: training and communication. And both of those elements have to exist for law enforcement to partner with Arab-American, Sikh and Muslim communities, said Preetmohan Singh, national director for the Sikh Mediawatch and Research Taskforce."