Apache Woman Leads Workshop on Native American Mysticism

July 23, 2003

Source: Star-Tribune


On July 23, 2003 the Star-Tribune reported that "Cheryl Fraine beats the drum as participants file in and settle themselves for their shamanic journey... Fraine asks each person to think of a favorite place, whether it be a mountain top or a tropical beach, and as the drum beat continues, each participant drifts further away from reality... Fraine's slide presentation Tuesday evening at the Nicolaysen Art Museum was the last segment in the Arizona resident's Four Directions workshop on American Indian mysticism, which began Friday evening... A shamanic journey takes a participant into the parallel universe of the shaman and occurs at the end of the three-day preparatory workshop... An Apache, Fraine advocates the workshops for anyone who is dissatisfied with their lives, or is merely looking for an alternative to traditional religion and retreats."