Anxious Wait for Hills Baha’is

March 8, 2010

Author: Laura Trieste

Source: Hills Shire Times

Four members of the Hills Baha’i community are anxiously waiting to hear the fate of their relatives in Iran.

Merhdad Mumtahan, Mahshid Rasouli, Mitra Shahriari and Maliha Shahriari Zavareh are related to seven Baha’i leaders who have been held in prison in Iran since May 2008.

Their trial began early this year, with all leaders facing charges of espionage.

Hills Baha’i community external affairs officer Carmen Lalehzari said the charges were baseless.

Merhdad Mumtahan is the nephew of Baha’i leader Saied Razaie, who he visited a few months before he was captured.