Anti-Muslim Backlash Fading but Discrimination Ever Present

September 10, 2002

Source: The Arizona Republic

On September 10, 2002 The Arizona Republic reported that "the attacks sparked a wave of genuine patriotism not seen since World War II. But like the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941, the Sept. 11 attacks also sent a powerful tremor through society's cultural fault lines, unleashing a backlash against Muslims, Arabs and Middle Eastern-looking people reminiscent of the intolerance directed at Japanese-Americans six decades earlier. 'The number of serious incidents has gone down dramatically,' said Hodan Hassan, a spokeswoman for the Council on American Islamic Relations in Washington. 'What has remained constant are employment discrimination complaints and complaints about law enforcement harassment, including INS raids and FBI visits.' Still, some Muslims worry it could be rekindled by the one-year anniversary of the attacks."