Ancient Site Draws Attention in Miami

February 17, 1999

Source: The Atlanta Journal and Constitution

On February 17, 1999, The Atlanta Journal and Constitution published an article on a Native American ceremonial circle that was unearthed in the financial district of Miami. The Miami Circle, as it has come to be known, was discovered when an apartment building was knocked down to make room for a $100 million twin tower complex on the Miami waterfront. Robert Carr, the Miami-Dade County archaeologist, stated, "we've never found anything as profoundly unique as this. This is the only site of this type in all of North America." The site reveals 200 holes that form a perfect circle 38 feet in diameter, thought to be a ceremonial lodge. The date and context of the site are being debated, but protesters have lobbied strongly to preserve the site. The Miami Circle has "triggered an international flurry" of attention from academics, New Age spiritualists, and politicians. The Mayor's office has been barraged with requests to block the development and save the site, but Miami-Dade County does not have the money to buy the land from the developer.