Ancient Greek Religion is Resurrected

January 22, 2007

Author: Paris Ayiomamitis

Source: The Miami Herald

Wire Service: AP

ATHENS - A group of modern pagans honored Zeus at a nearly 2,000-year-old temple in the heart of Athens on Sunday -- the first known ceremony of its kind held there since the ancient Greek religion was outlawed by the Roman empire in the late fourth century.

Watched by curious onlookers, 20 worshipers gathered next to the ruins of the temple for a celebration organized by Ellinais, a year-old Athens-based group that is campaigning to revive old religious practices from the era when Greece was a fount of education and philosophy.

The group ignored a ban by the Culture Ministry, which declared the site off limits to organized activity to protect the monument. But participants did not try to enter the temple itself, which is closed to everyone, and no officials sought to stop the ceremony.

Dressed in ancient costumes, worshipers standing near the temple's imposing Corinthian columns recited hymns calling on the Olympian Zeus, ''King of the gods and the mover of things,'' to bring peace to the world.

''Our message is world peace and an ecological way of life in which everyone has the right to education,'' said Kostas Stathopoulos, one of three ''high priests'' overseeing the event, which celebrated the nuptials of Zeus and Hera, the goddess of love and marriage.

To the Greeks, ecological awareness was fundamental, Stathopoulos said after a priestess, with arms raised to the sky, called on Zeus ``to bring rain to the planet.''